Bathe in the glory of my new work mug!


I while ago I did some stings and idents for the awesome Hellfire Video Club.

The Hellfire Video Club is a monthly source of cult/psychedelic/alternative/weird films from around the world. HFVC has brought such delights as Turkish Star Wars, 80s Slime fest ‘Street Trash’, and Sean Connery in a Bikini in ‘Zardoz’.

All with superb tunes in the bar before, in between and after their monthly double bills.

If you haven’t yet checked them out I recommend you do.

More info here:

Music by my brother Mr Splendidhand.

See more of his work at

whooo! i dun the music for this

What we’re rockin!

Nova Scotia wooden dudes Nova Scotia wooden dudes

I drew your mates today whilst i was at work. They’re looking forward to having churros and glenfiddich with you later. They should be there around 7.


TOP OF THE PILE! (on the right there!)

Wow! my little Oni has had his selfie all printed and ready to go on the wall at Pictoplasma’s Character selfies wall in Berlin! 

Dinosaurs in our Fern-bed! 

unfortunately the Euplocephalus and Kentrosaurus have suffered from neighbourhood cats eating their spines and horns!